The Lamb….went on the Lam

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Hi Housewives!

I hope your holiday was wonderful.  Mine was nice.  Good food, good wine and most importantly family.  That is really what makes any holiday special.

That being said, since I am a food blogger and am all about “being real” and after pretty much a week of grappling with this, I realized that it is my mission to fill you in on the good, the bad, and the ugly…LOL  So, I must then tell you about my Easter Epic Fail…LOL….yes, there, I said it – Epic Fail.  I am telling you this because sometimes it is good to try new things and take chances but NEVER, did you hear me? NEVER…takes these chances on a holiday.  I made that mistake this year.  I have never made lamb in my life and since traditionally lamb was one of the dishes being served at Easter when I was a child I decided to give it a try.  Well, thank God there was plenty of other great foods to go around such as antipasto, lasagna, meatballs, fresh ham, mashed potatoes, artichoke pie, spinach and desserts that no-one left hungry.  Let me give you a little back story here…

Growing up my grandmother whom I write about in “Where it all Began”  used to make a leg of lamb for Easter.  She had a way with cooking that very few can even come close to…she was a natural and would make a wonderful meal with ease.  To this day there are things she made that I miss and wish I had the recipes for.  I am lucky enough to have her Leg of Lamb recipe but still someway messed it up.  Every Easter, she would make leg of lamb as one of her courses and you know how lamb has that gamey smell that fills up the whole house…well hers didn’t…she had a secret ingredient which I am not going to share with you until I perfect this recipe.  Yes, I will have a go at it again and then I will share with you my grandmother’s lamb recipe.

I will tell you a few thing that I may have done wrong:

  1.  I didn’t make a leg of lamb but rather a boneless roast which didn’t seem so tender upon cutting it.
  2. I think I overcooked it…they say be careful when cooking lamb as you don’t want to overcook it but when I cut through it didn’t seem done so I put it back in the oven.  I should have let it rest because I learned afterwards that as it rests it continues to cook – lesson learned.

Anyway, I’m sharing this with you because its OK to make cooking mistakes and have mishaps that is how we learn.  Sometimes something even better can come out of it too.  The most important thing is to get up and try again!  And maybe don’t try something completely new to you on a holiday…LOL

Anyway, so I am asking all of you if you would share your lamb recipes, lamb tricks and/or your cooking mishaps with me?  Thanks!

Have a great day!



  1. Catherine Walsh says:

    I Dawn had the butcher bone it and season it garlic salt pepper parsley he tied it. When home I marinated it in olive oil lemon juice more garlic Italian spices not a lot but the secret ingredient fresh rosemary! The house smells so good. It was delicious we eat it more done i know people eat it rare but we don’t! Delicious! Had a eye round roast too!

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