Turkey Soup!

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Hi Housewives!

Thanksgiving 2015 has come and gone and you now may be sitting with a refrigerator full of leftovers wondering what to do with them.  One of the things I like to do with my leftover turkey is make a turkey soup.  It’s perfect for the chilly weather and can also be easily frozen if you have had enough turkey for now.

  • leftover turkey carcass
  • shredded leftover turkey
  • 1 wholeonion
  • celery chopped
  • carrots chopped
  • leeks
  • turnip
  • turkey broth 1-2 cans
  • noodles
  • water
  • 1 can of cream of chicken soup
  • salt and pepper to taste

Place the leftover carcass in a big pot and fill with water enough to cover it. Put burner on low and let cook for 3 hours.  Meanwhile chop your veggies and add.  Add your shredded turkey meat as well. Salt and Pepper.

After about 2 hours take out carcass and other bones. Now taste your broth. If it’s watery add a can of turkey broth a can at a time then add your cream of chicken soup.  Stir together and let simmer.

In another pot boil the water for your noodles. Cook and serve soup over your noodles.  Enjoy!



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