Where It All Began…

I’m a little unsure of how this all works, but this is a learning process for me as much as it is for you. So, feel free to send me a hello, constructive feedback or a recipe you love and I’ll try it out.

Anyway, I love to cook and am constantly looking for new recipes and have several tried and true ones. Not all housewives have personal chefs or a staff but through this blog you can consider me your personal chef via the internet! I’ll post weekly recipes varying from soups, meat dishes, pastas etc… Feel free to adjust any recipes to your liking. I find that when I follow recipes I sometimes omit or add things and the dish comes out great nonetheless. Let’s face it, the average woman works full time then comes home and cooks dinner. Some housewives are great cooks, while others get easily stressed out by even the thought of cooking. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do this!

I come from an Italian family and growing up my grandmother was known as an excellent cook. So much so that I think my mother was intimidated by her mothers cooking skills to the point where she didn’t seem to love to cook as much as my grandmother did. My grandmother could throw a whole meal together in no time and everything she made was always a hit. Growing up I had no interest in cooking (just eating) and wish now that I had watched my grandmother and even my mother cook and jot down their recipes when I had the chance. My grandmother passed when I was in high school and unfortunately my mother passed when I was 28. So, at 28, I had to learn to cook for my father and brothers and had basically no experience in a kitchen. I could barely boil water!

I had my Aunt Anna’s help for the first few years and learned a lot from her and this time I watched and took mental notes. Eventually I tried making meat loafs and chicken soup and was surprised at my ease and enjoyment in cooking! I realized that I have a passion for cooking and love recipe sharing. That is my mission for this blog…to share my recipes both old and new with you and have you share with me! It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or newbie, we can all learn from one another and share our love of cooking!


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